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About Flocking Fabulous

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I built this small family business for the two girls I’m raising who were my son's children that my husband and I adopted.   

SS Custom Designs LLC (Smith Sisters) was formed in 2018 all because I was doing free art for my children’s school and a friend said “Hey Kelly, you need a cutting machine!” Now I was old school and scared to death of the cutting machine! We taught each other from trial and error because we could not get many answers back then. After 2 years of working from my garage making t-shirts and picking up sublimation, I decided to start up a brick-and-mortar storefront. Talk about being scared To Death! The thought of paying rent for an entire year when I didn’t know if I would have one customer come in was super scary.   

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Since 2018 I have had 4 brick and mortar locations.  2 of which were in Port Isabel Texas and now, The store front here in our hometown of Victoria Texas.  Everyone there in Port Isabel knew I had a love for Flamingos and I often painted them and sold my art work. Soon customers would bring me Flamingos and I would say we were Flocking Fabulous and that’s how I became known as “Flocking Fabulous”. Bonus, it was easier to remember than SS Custom Designs!


When I opened my first store I had around 750 sq feet and I wondered how I would fill it up.  Now I have 2500 sq feet and it’s full to the brim!  It took years of hard work and never giving up.  The love I have for sharing what I have learned is what I base my core store principles on. 

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 I work hard to earn each customer. I teach them so they can help someone else one day! I value every customer that walks in the door, because without them, I would not have the store to begin with.

My dream for Victoria and the surrounding areas is to become your number one vinyl and craft superstore.  Offering the creative outlet and supplies everyone needs!   When it comes to quality, I carry only the best! Carrying the number one HTV by Stahls and being an authorized reseller was a no brainer.

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 I want every customer to be successful in whatever they create.  We want our customers to become like family. We will always listen to the feedback and we plan to carry the top items customers want and need every day.  

I teach because I love what I do and want to share my knowledge with you. So come be part of the journey to share creativity with the world at Flocking Fabulous! 

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