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At Flocking Fabulous, we have state of the art printers that can bring your artwork or any special design to life! Have a print you absolutely adore? An image of a loved one put on a keepsake? Get to know your printing options here! We can print singles or multiples! NO JOB IS TOO SMALL OR TOO BIG!

Direct To Film gives you the ability to place a design on any textile, dark or light! These last up to 60 washes, stay vibrant, and make a bold statement. Pressed 305 at for 10 seconds, FIRM pressure, peeled Hot! Pressed again for 5 more seconds!

Sublimation gives you the ability to create a smooth finish on light POLYESTER fabrics and special blanks such as charms, patches, cups and tumblers. These last multiple washes, staying vibrant for a long time! Pressed at 400 for 60 seconds, no pressure, peeled hot!

DSC_0033 (2).jpg

Have an image you want printed? Here is what we will need from you!

Your image must be in .PNG file format (transparent background) 300 dpi MINIMUM
Email to


Laser Cutting and Engraving

With the Glow Forge Pro in house, we can bring you incredible custom cut and engraved materials at a great price AND much faster than ordering online! From charms and ornaments to large décor, we can produce unique pieces that will wow everyone!

Interested in engraving a gift? We can work with many materials such as glass, metal, wood, leather, and even acrylic! Come into our store and see what we have in stock precut, or get inspired by our ready-made works of art!


Special Machine Ordering


Did you know we can get you a quality heat press? Don’t spend hours scouring Amazon wondering if you’ll get a working piece of equipment with mixed reviews! Being an authorized Sthals Reseller means we can get you the dependable and high-quality tools you need to get your creativity going! Stahls makes strong and sturdy machines and materials that work as hard as you do! We have various machines in store for you to look at and see in action. Experience the difference with Stahls and explore your options with Flocking Fabulous! 

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